Monday, July 3, 2023



 22-06-2023 上映, 62 分鐘, 粵語(不設字幕)



導演: 矢野博之


ANPANMAN: Dororin and the Transformation Carnival
Opening on 22-06-2023, 62 minutes, Cantonese(No Subtitles)


The scene is set at the Transformation Carnival! It's a fun festival held in Obake Town, a charming and delightful city of ghosts, where anyone can shapeshift into anything! Children thoroughly enjoy this colorful and exciting Transformation Carnival as much as they would an amusement park. However, a ghost boy called Dororin is not good at shapeshifting and is not able to enjoy the carnival. He is left all alone. He clashes with Cream Panda when they first meet, but later on, they strike up a friendship. Together, they venture into the "Forest of Dread" in search of the , which has the world's greatest power of transformation. Baikinman appears there and goes on a rampage, wanting to use the power of the cloak to wreak havoc in the Transformation Carnival. Will Anpanman and his friends be able to protect the merry Transformation Carnival from Baikinman? A great adventure that will make everyone happy is about to begin!

Director: Hiroyuki Yano

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