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好友小木 (林千渟 飾) 慘遭擄殺,魔術師阿花 (何穎璇 飾) 頻見幻象。兩人最後通話的內容疑有破案線索,為此阿花接受催眠,試圖尋回那段記憶,卻將自己置於危險之中。

阿豪(姜皓文 飾)半夜醒來,發現自己在詭秘工廠大廈內。莫明的他繼而遇上屍骸、鬼魅和前妻(盧慧敏 飾)!他必須想辦法逃出這個迷宮。

亞譚 (陳湛文 飾) 和余仔 (柯煒林 飾) 是中學同學兼好友,兩人對電影充滿熱情卻多年也混不出來。一次意外,亞譚誤將余仔殺死,卻竟因此而當上導演。

類別: 驚悚、心理、劇情
片長: 93
級別: IIB
語言: 粵語 (字幕: 中文, 英文)
上映日期: 2023年07月27日



Tales From The Occult: Ultimate Malevolence, produced by John Chong and Mathew Tang, and directed by Lee Chi Ngai, Peter Lee and Pater Wong, features three short films– Killing Me Softly, No Way Out and Memento Mori – revealing the most terrifying and ugly side of human nature. The final chapter of Tales From The Occult is unpredictable, where life and death are just a thought away!

Killing Me Softly
Magician Flora (Miss Hunny) repeatedly sees illusions of her friend Maureen (Lam Chin Ting), who has gone missing since their last call. In an attempt to trace clues of Maureen’s missing, Flora undergoes hypnosis to retrieve the memory of their conversation. Little does she know she is putting herself in danger.

No Way Out
Ho (Philip Keung) wakes up from sleep and finds himself inside a mysterious industrial building. While looking for an exit, he bumps into corpses, phantoms, and even his ex-wife (Amy Lo). He must find his way out before it’s too late.

Memento Mori
Two secondary school best friends, Tam (Chan Charm Man Peter) and Yu (Or Wai Lam), dream of becoming movie directors one day. In an accident, one unintentionally kills the other and becomes a director because of this incident.

Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Drama
Run Time: 93
Category: IIB
Language / Subtitle: Cantonese
(Sub: Chinese, English)Release Date27 Jul, 2023

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