Friday, July 7, 2023

掃毒3: 人在天涯


27-07-2023 上映, --- 分鐘, 粵語(---)


毒梟康素差(劉青雲 飾)一直帶著手下張建行(郭富城 飾)從事毒品交易,新加入的成員歐志遠(古天樂 飾)也因一次意外與兩人建立了過命交情,三人情同手足。康素差在香港的販毒生意被警方查處後帶團隊逃到金三角發展,卻意外發現身邊藏有臥底。此刻,是敵是友,一片茫然。

導演: 邱禮濤
演員: 劉青雲、郭富城、古天樂


The White Storm 3: Heaven or Hell
Opening on 27-07-2023, --- minutes, Cantonese(---)


Hong Kong police agent Cheung (by Aaron Kwok) works undercover in Kang’s (by Sean Lau) drug cartel, while another undercover cop Au (by Louis Koo) successfully earns their trust in an incident, a brotherly-bond is built among the three. After the Police busts the syndicate in Hong Kong, Kang subsequently hides away in the Golden Triangle, by chance he receives a tip-off about the betrayal within his circle of trust…

Director: Herman Yau
Cast: Sean Lau, Aaron Kwok, Louis Koo

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