Friday, July 7, 2023

龜兔再跑2023(KIFF 2023)


30-07-2023 上映, 82 分鐘, 粵語(中文、英文字幕)



導演: 鄭崇炘


Tale of the Rally 2023(KIFF 2023)
Opening on 30-07-2023, 82 minutes, Cantonese(Chinese, English Subtitles)


Four rabbits have been brought into a farm to live with four turtles and many other animals. Yet, the farmer seems to always favour the turtles, and it upsets the rabbits. The rabbits who have always wanted to avenge their ancestors, keep challenging the turtles to a race. Very much annoyed by the rabbits, the turtles ultimately accept the challenge. The animals pull out all the stops in order to win and to stay in the farm. However, through the rally, they will finally understand how valuable their friends are. Friendship is much more important than winning!

Director: Cheng Shung Yan

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