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29-06-2023 上映, 115 分鐘, 粵語(中文、英文字幕)


吹水輝為賭場常客,在賭桌上輸得身無分文。他和好友花叔(廖啟智 飾)、肥狗(方中信 飾)有一間小理髮店,但卻無法支持他的賭博嗜好。吹水輝的前女友李夕(袁詠儀 飾)突然出現,要求他照顧「他們」的兒子李陽(柯煒林 飾)一個月,並奉上酬金。見錢開眼的吹水輝敷衍了事接下了褓姆任務,才發現兒子是自閉症患者。獨居的吹水輝完全無法應付這兒子的特殊需求,父子關係日趨緊繃…隨著李陽逐漸展現出天賦,吹水輝也彷彿找到了人生目標,下定決心脫離過去的荒唐人生,陪伴兒子展翅圓夢。

導演: 潘耀明
演員: 周潤發、袁詠儀、方中信、廖啟智、安志杰、黃德斌、白只、蔡一智、柯煒林、盧慧敏


One More Chance
Opening on 29-06-2023, 115 minutes, Cantonese(Chinese, English Subtitles)


Water Ng, a typical loser who likes to gamble and takes no responsibility is asked to take care of his ex-girlfriend Jik’s son, Yeung. With Jik tells him that Yeung is his son, and promised 100 thousand dollars, Water Ng agrees to be a father for one month. Soon he notices his son has Autism. He gets to understand the difficulties of raising a child along with special needs. With Jik's absence on the agreed date, Water Ng realizes why she brought him his blood. He finds his life goal while discovering Yeung’s talent on the racing field, then decides to get rid of the dissipated life and accompany his son spreading wings for the dream.

Director: Anthony Pun
Cast: Chow Yun Fat, Anita Yuen, Alex Fong, Liu Kai Ch, Andy On, Kenny Wong, Michael Ning, Calvin Choy, Will Or, Amy Lo

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