Monday, January 23, 2023

The Narrow Road


22-12-2022 上映, 115 分鐘, 粵語(中文、英文字幕)


《窄路微塵》為「mm2新晉導演計劃」繼《濁水漂流》後,另一得獎導演林森的全新力作。 處於浮華城市之中,有些人渴望的僅僅是不知何時才會出現的一線光。 獨力經營清潔公司的窄哥(張繼聰 飾),面對疫情來襲,百業蕭條,遇上失業的年輕單親媽媽Candy(袁澧林 飾)前來求職。看似不務正業的 Candy竟能化解窄哥工作上的困難,正當二人以為生活漸入佳境,疫情變成生活一部份時,清潔公司遭人投訴,同時窄哥家中又遭逢巨變。儘管人如微塵,也能在窄路遇上稍作依偎......

導演: 林森

演員: 張繼聰、袁澧林、區嘉雯、朱栢康


The Narrow Road

Opening on 22-12-2022, 115 minutes, Cantonese(Chinese, English Subtitles)



Brand new work from “mm2 Movie Maker Awards”! Following "Drifting", another award winner Lam Sum brings us his new feature "The Narrow Road". Under this flashy city, amidst the numbness of frustrations, what people are looking forward to is the glimmer of light that might change their lives. Chak, who runs a small cleaning company, barely takes over the cleaning work on his own to make a living. Hitting by the COVID-19 pandemic, small business closed down one by one. One day, a young single mother, Candy, comes to look for a job opportunity from Chak. She doesn’t seem like a trustworthy person to Chak, unexpectedly, she helps Chak to resolve many difficulties at work. Life seems like get back on track. The morning sun never lasts a day, Chak’s company is being accused, at the same time, his family is facing a nightmare as well, all his hopes are dashed to pieces, but they can still try their best to resist the oppression of life and support each other through this painful year.

Director: Lam Sum

Cast: Louis Cheung, Angela Yuen, Patra Au, Chu Pak-hong

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