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07-09-2022 上映, 119 分鐘, 粵語(中文、英文字幕)


一個家,最緊要齊人開餐。深信此道的大佬 (黃子華 飾) 廚藝麻麻,唯有長期用心靈雞湯式金句「餵大」兩個細佬,但異父異母的二佬 (張繼聰 飾) 及同父異母的三弟(陳湛文 飾)其實覺得大佬有點老土。幸好大佬請來三弟的廚神級女友 (王菀之 飾) 為三兄弟包伙食,一家人終於有啖好食,每晚8時的飯局亦令兄弟更添和睦。但隨著二佬女友 (鄧麗欣 飾) 的加入,飯桌氣氛即時變得燶味十足,皆因二佬女友竟是大佬最念念不忘的前度﹔為免以後餐餐背脊骨落,大佬唯有臨時揾個哎吔女友 (林明禎 飾) 一齊撐枱腳。從此,每晚6人同枱,味蕾滿足,閒話家常,卻舌尖有伏,總之嗒落就知味道…《逆流大叔》導演陳詠燊笑聲主理,今個中秋最引人飯聚率先約定你!

導演: 陳詠燊

演員: 黃子華、鄧麗欣、張繼聰、王菀之、林明禎、陳湛文



Opening on 07-09-2022, 119 minutes, Cantonese(Chinese, English Subtitles)


It is often said that food and meals bring families together, but in TABLE FOR SIX it’s clear that not all family gatherings are a cause for celebration. In this melodramatic comedy, three brothers reside in a home that they inherited from their late parents. The eldest brother Steve (Dayo Wong), theoretically is the man of the house, but he constantly is getting dissed by his two younger brothers Bernard (Louis Cheung Kai Chung) and Lung (Chan Charm Man Peter) for the decisions he makes, the inedible meals that he cooks, and his complicated romantic encounters. To prepare for a family reunion dinner, Steve seeks the help of Lung’s girlfriend and foodie Josephine (Ivana Wong) and in doing so, wins back their hearts for a while, until his old flame and Bernard’s new girlfriend Monica (Stephy Tang) shows up. That’s a recipe for a disaster waiting to explode! The unexpected visit of Steve’s part-time girlfriend Meow (Lin Min-Chen) not only fails to turn down the heat and cool the awkward situation, but stirs up the sibling conflict even further.

Director: Sunny Chan

Cast: Dayo Wong, Stephy Tang, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Ivana Wong, Lin Min Chen, Chan Charm Man Peter

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