Monday, January 23, 2023


26-01-2023 上映, 115 分鐘, 粵語(中文、英文字幕)



美女小丑藝人阿冰(吳冰 飾)搞笑精叻,表情誇張,最愛逗人發笑,與性格狂野,作風踩界的男友Dickson (陳健朗 飾),決志成為熱爆Youtuber,為求提升點擊率,順應網民要求玩求婚,實際是假結婚,慘遭悔婚後的阿冰決定要同自己結婚!阿冰舉辦一個人的婚禮,估不到因此變成KOL,備受追捧,還吸引了多名粉絲瘋狂追求,阿冰真的驚動了真情!要愛人,先要愛自己,要愛自己,但究竟「我是誰」? 最愛又是誰? 阿冰決意在一人婚禮上,宣告自己的終極大秘密⋯⋯

導演: 周冠威

演員: 吳冰、陳健朗、盧巧音、唐浩然、黃寶漳、陳逸寧、王宗堯、林欣JLou



Opening on 26-01-2023, 115 minutes, Cantonese(Chinese, English Subtitles)


“I want to marry myself!”

To plan for a solo wedding, to marry myself, to declare my forever love for myself to the world!

Attractive comedienne Ping vows to become a viral Youtuber. She concocts a plan to put on a show of marrying herself in what was meant to secure both money and likes! However, the scam ultimately ended up in the discovery of her true self in this coming-of-age fairy tale comedy.

To love others, I must love myself. Simple enough, right? But who am I? In a pageant of love, four contest as lovers, each one goodhearted in their own right. Does Ping want all four or none at all? By marrying herself, can she figure out who she really is? And who she really loves? Ping will tell it all on the day of the solo wedding…

In this satire of marriage and the individual self, nothing is left untouched: women, men, organised religion, homosexuality, the filthy rich, not to mention ye good old mother! Love yourself in Say I do to me, won’t you?

Director: Kiwi Chow

Cast: Sabrina Ng, Kelvin Chan, Candy Lo, Jacky Tong, Mixson Wong, Isabel Chan, Gregory Wong, JLou

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